Vulnerability Intelligence
VulnIQ supports many data formats and can collect vulnerability information from an unlimited number of sources. By merging information from various sources VulnIQ improves productivity and makes cyber security processes more efficient.
Free version of the VulnIQ security information engine.
Security Scanning
VulnIQ Security Scanner, Terzi, does not only report vulnerabilities based on versions but it also verifies vulnerabilities by running verification actions such as Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) definitions and Microsoft hotfix checks.
Terzi is open source software, released on github,
Vulnerability Management
Terzi can push collected data to the VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager (VM) server and VM creates system, software and vulnerability inventories and allows efficient management of all security processes.

Identity & Access Management

We are IAM experts.

Our founder, Serkan Özkan, is one of the developers of the OpenID Foundation conformance suite and is an expert on related standards including OAuth, OpenID Connect, FAPI and more.
Serkan Özkan is also a former Ping Identity engineer (more than 6 years at Ping) and is a PingFederate and PingAccess expert.
Development & Implementation
  • We can help you implement complex IAM scenarios including Open Banking and FAPI.
  • We can develop custom PingFederate and/or PingAccess plugins, custom components and much more.
Gluu Partner
We are a Gluu partner and we provide consultancy and implementation services. The Gluu Server is a distribution of open source identity components, integrated together and delivered as a stable supported product.